About us

Julian Alexander & Associates brings together a team of succesful business leaders and consultants. We have a proven track record growing our own businesses and are ready to help you grow yours!

From understanding your organisation’s culture and needs, to creating a stronger identity and vision, we implement process and strategy to ensure the maximum return for you and your company.

We are entrepreneurial, empathic, and bring great energy to the task in hand.

What we offer

Whether you are a founder led business or a large public sector organisation, we offer a tailor made package to suit your business needs and challenges.

From coaching and consultancy to hands-on management and process implementation, from investment to exit strategies, we bring energy and resource to the table.

Our Fees

From a daily rate, to project fees, to structured equity buy-in, we help you decide what is right for your business or organisation.

Our Sectors

We have over 25 years’ experience, expertise, and business success in the following fields.

  • Hospitality and food service
  • Conferencing
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing and industry
  • Professional services
  • Founder-led businesses
  • Leadership and personal development

Our Services

  • Business audit
  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Management consulting
  • Brand development and marketing
  • Growth and exit strategies
  • Preparing businesses for sale